Congrats to Cesare
for his M.Sc. degree in Chemistry with a thesis about Organic Cages in MMMs for gas separation at UniPV

Sonia and Cesare visiting
Unical and CNR-ITM
october 2021

our team at unipv: “Enjoying our coffee break outdoor” (Riccardo, Cesare, Valeria and Sonia – sept. 2021)


Sonia and Cesare at the CNR-ITM for new tests on Cages embedded in MMMs (Rende, CS – oct. 2021); from the left: Elisa Esposito, Sonia La Cognata, Cesare Gallizioli, Alessio Fuoco, Marcello Monteleone and John C. Jansen

Sonia and Cesare (Unipv) visiting Donatella Armentano’s laboratory at Unical (Rende, CS – oct. 2021); from the left: Teresa Mastropietro, Cesare Gallizioli, Donatella Armentano, Sonia La Cognata and Rosaria Bruno
Riccardo and Sonia at Unipv