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On-line project meeting on June 3rd 2021:

Patent Device for the decontamination of water from metals:

The invention relates to a robust, versatile and low-cost device composed of a nanostructured polymer membrane, better known as mixed matrix membrane, based on Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as porous hybrid materials, used for the decontamination of water from heavy metals, such as mercury and cadmium. The invention is in an experimental phase on a laboratory scale (TRL4). m2-scale membranes could be produced after the production of kilogram-scale porous materials, which would facilitate an application in a pilot plant. The CNR-ITM-UniCal consortium has facilities for the development of polymeric membranes for industrial application.

Our first NewsLetter is out: 

On-line Project Meeting: December 14th 2020:

On-line Project Meeting: October 15th 2020:

MOCA officially started on the 1st July 2020!In our first Newsletter we will present our team and the results of the first period of activity. Newsletter 1 will be ready soon! Valeria Amendola